Driver License & ID Services


Identification/ ID

Available for children and adults

Travel Driver License/ Identification

 Available for children and adults. Click the link below for the documents required by the State of Arizona. 

Written and Road Testing

Available for first time driving permit or driver license testing.

Duplicate Driver License & Identification

Additional Driver License Services:

  • Motorcycle Endorsement
  • SR22
  • Reinstatement
  • Commercial Duplicates
  • Mandatory Insurance
  • Suspension
  • Entering Court Abstract
  • Medical Card Update
  • Interlock Reinstatement
  •  Other services may be available, please contact our office for any questions

Title & Registration Services


Title & Registration

Receive your title, registration, and plate at the time of transaction at our office, no need to wait for anything in the mail 

Title Transfer Only

Title only transfers are available for vehicles when accompanied with a level 1 inspection 

Registration Permits

Vehicles may qualify for a 3 day, 30 day, or 90 day registration permit

Registration Renewal

Renew your vehicle registration and receive your sticker/decal with registration at our office

Mobile Home Title

Mobile home title transfers and duplicate title services are available

Salvage and Restored Salvage Title

Additional Services


Motor Vehicle Record

39 Months & 5 Year record


  • Title
  • Registration
  • Tab/ Sticker
  • Plate

MVD Documents Notary

Sold Notice

Abandoned Vehicle & Title Bond Service

Level I Inspections- On site & Off site

Proof of Insurance

Motor Carrier Services


IFTA Fuel Tax Miles Reporting